Karma's Children Book Release Kickstarter

Between hiring an editor and cover designer, formatting, and purchasing ISBN's, self-publishing a book can get quite pricey, so by purchasing any of these exclusive Karma's Children merch, you're greatly helping fund the release of my debut novel. Thank you so much for your generosity and helping me bring my book baby into the world!

About Us

Maverick Moses

Author of Karma's Children: Discovery

Maverick Moses is a Texas-based author of dark fantasy and horror novels. He is a lover of country and punk rock music, lucid dreaming, and writing all the unique dream-inspired stories he has swirling around his mind.

After a sudden family tragedy, Maverick’s outlook on life changed, and he started to commit his life to fulfilling his greatest passions. One of these being his dream of becoming a published author.

He started a YouTube channel in 2018 where he shares his love of books and pulls from his storytelling experience to teach other writers around the world. And after making a name for himself on Instagram for his stunning photos of books, he started offering his services as a Promo Image Designer and teaching his skills to other authors.

His passion for teaching others has now extended to the classroom and as of the Fall of 2019, will be teaching English to students in Madrid, Spain.

When he's not writing at his local cafe and drinking tea, filming a video for his channel, or managing his business, he can be found curled up under a blanket with a horror book and a glass of wine.